Clients Say

Great fight gym if you want real actual fight training and not that B.S. Title Boxing fancy boxing training. Coach Rich is an actual fighter who has been there, done that and not a typical trainer that can only hold mitts. Rich cares about his students and clients, his story is amazing, meet the man coach Rich and he will change your life!

Robert S

Easily the best boxing gym in the city! Rich pretty much lives there, is always friendly, and willing to help you improve. I’m absolutely positive that you won’t find a more welcoming environment. Plus, the monthly cost is more than reasonable, especially, because there are classes 7 days a week!

Melvin S

6 months ago I walked in to meet coach Rich about learning how to box and have stayed consistent for the first time ever in my life. Best decision I ever stuck with. Above all – the BEST thing about coach Rich & his program is that he’s created an encouraging & non-intimidating environment for a woman in a male saturated sport. Not only does he take the time and patience to build you from the ground up, but he pushes and encourages you to be the best version of yourself you can be. He always makes sure to let you know that you’re doing better, and keep you encouraged not to quit. I’ve never seen a program like this, and I only wish I had started it years sooner. The atmosphere is fun, the people are friendly, but be ready to break a sweat! If you know nothing about boxing and always wanted to learn, this is the BEST place to start your journey!

Jenny A

Loved working out with Rich. As a guy who hasn’t worked out much in the past, Rich was able to tailor my workout to be challenging, but attainable. I’ve tried other coaches and trainers before, but never stuck with the program. With Rich, I’ve been at it for several months now and I STILL look forward to the sessions.

Don’t be afraid to be honest with him about your current condition and where you want to get. He knows his stuff and will do everything possible to help you achieve your goals. Can’t say enough positive things about him and his gym.

Scott H

Best boxing club in the Chicagoland area! Hard + honest work, no bugee-fitness fake boxing coaches here. MMA program starting soon, two thumbs up!!

Sarevok I

This guy is the real deal and the best in town. Very knowledgeable boxing and lifting coach.

Anthony C

Great program rich is the best highly recommend!

Christian G

Rich is an excellent, knowledgeable, and devoted coach. Whether your goal is to enter the ring one day or to just get a focused, high intensity workout, Northside Boxing is an empowering environment. The workouts are dynamic and varied class to class, but I always feel my technique progressing regardless of the movements or exercises we go through.

Jake C

Rich is a great motivator and works with all levels. You’ll get a good workout, and pick up some boxing skills at the same time. Lots of individual instruction, too. Highly recommended!

Tony S

Rich is an amazing coach! He truly cares about his athletes and is a fantastic instructor.

Jarriko E

Rich is the best trainer I have ever had..love the environment.

Bigtone 1977

Wonderful gym with a terrific instructor. Rich can take you from the basics, up to advanced. He pushes clients without resorting to insults, and you’ll see results!

Jill H

Very friendly environment and an excellent coach for training and workout!

Augustine S

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